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Cursed Morsels

Aug 31, 2020

Emma J. Gibbon and I talk about the state of horror in libraries, paranormal experiences, and her disease-catching story "Not the Glutton Club" from her wonderful collection Dark Blood Comes from the Feet. The second half contains spoilers for this story (I provide verbal warning in advance), but there are no spoilers...

Aug 24, 2020

Briana Morgan and I talk about writing horror for the stage, the complexities of internet justice, and her excellent horror play Unboxed (note that there are spoilers in the second half of the episode -- I provide a warning in advance, and everything before it is spoiler free).We also get a preview of her upcoming short...

Aug 17, 2020

Victor LaValle and I discuss liberal horror vs. conservative horror, how writers can make their settings feel dangerous or safe, and the complexities and contradictions of characters in The Ballad of Black Tom. Note that most of this episode contains spoilers for this novella.

Aug 13, 2020

Laura Keating and I talk about the unexpected challenges of writing what you know, ways to infect your writing with a sense of unnerving "wrongness," and her bizarre road trip story "Good Time in the Bad Lands" featured in the Worst Laid Plans vacation horror anthology. The first half of our discussion is spoiler free,...

Aug 10, 2020

Patrick Tumblety and I talk about multimedia storytelling, breaking family curses, and his Jack the Ripper-themed story "Something about Dr. Tumblety." The first half of the episode is spoiler free, and I provide a spoiler warning once we start discussing his story.

Check out Patrick's work on his website: